Instagramish Photo-a-Day May 4 – FUN!

So today’s theme was fun! And fun was had. Taryn and I started the day at about 5am (Taryn started at 4:30) with a round of radio and tv interviews. By about 8am we were quite punchy, so the early morning Cinco de Mayo (or more accurately cuatro de Mayo) party going on at the adult contemporary station, complete with margaritas, tacos, and sombreros was really fun! They also had Juan Valdez style moustaches for all and after an early morning marg, it seemed to make a lot of sense to put one on (I’ve been wearing mine all day, despite generally spending a lot of money to ensure I don’t have a hairy upper lip).  This was fun!

Of course, as the day’s worn on, the early morning energy has lagged a bit. And when I pushed Taryn for her idea of fun, this is all she had left in her:  We convinced Kora to join us and, interestingly, her thoughts were a lot like Taryn’s: Thank goodness Sam slept in this morning. His idea of fun sometimes involves documenting fire hydrants – seriously – and he was quite thrilled with this one which also brings together our office love of cats and adorableness!  Tomorrow’s theme: Bird!


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