Intagramish Photo-a-Day May 3: Something I Wore

I’m starting with Sam today, because we’re all so pleased he’s finally sent me one (I’ve also updated his skyline).  He calls this Mai Thai:

Mine I shall call “If you like it.” I’ve worn these rings off and on for years. The thinner gold one is my great grandmother’s wedding ring (she had substantial fingers). The other is one that somehow made it to my jewelry box from that of my friend Lorelei. I remember that now, because when I saw her in NY a couple weeks ago she said “Oh, you still have my ring.” She didn’t ask for it back, and I love that it connects us and that I wear a piece of my family history alongside it.

Taryn is our office cat lady. She’s a pretty unlikely cat lady with her ankle tatoo and emo musical tastes, but she does have a not-so-hidden side that involves talking, thinking, writing about her cat. She even blogs about other adorable cats. And sometimes she dresses accordingly.

Karen is joining in on the fun. She says: When I wear these shoes I feel like I’m one of those people who puts effort into their look.

Tomorrow’s theme: FUN!

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