Instagramish Photo-a-day May 1: PEACE

Someone on Twitter posted a May photo a day call from either Instagram or an Instagram follower. As Taryn noted below, we’re not exactly ones to shy away from a challenge,

so Taryn, Sam, and I (and really anyone else I can convince to play along) will be submitting a photo a day based on the suggestions from the twitter post.

Today’s photo is about peace.

Taryn says of hers: Far away, long ago, perfectly at peace.

I took a somewhat different approach.  Today was an election day in my town. I love to vote. I love it. Even if it’s just for the school board. But on a rainy night with no real races to contend with, not many people show up. Whoever was campaigning for this library trustee candidate gave up and went home. But I really believe that elections and the electoral process represents our desire for a peaceful, equitable society. (I also think caring for the environment does, so after I voted, I put the poster in the recycle bin).

Sam’s photo is coming soon.

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