Finding a Pencil

Oh – what a week. Besides Poem in Your Pocket day (which is better than Christmas), its been a bit of an overwhelming one. But the clouds are clearing and things are looking up.

I’m always on a quest to figure out happiness. What makes us happy and how I can be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a glass half full girl all the way. I have a good life and I’m damn lucky and I know it. My family loves each other and we tell each other that all the time. I have lots of friends, old and new and they come through over and over again for me. This week was a shining example of that. I had to call in the troops and they came from near and far to support me. I think they know I’d do the same for them, I hope they know that, but it still makes my heart explode with gratitude when it happens.

But its still a quest. Probably for all of us.

For me, part of being happy is knowing I’m being the best person I can be in this world. I just read a wonderful piece on It was about becoming a better musician through better practice, but since I’m not much of a musician, I read it in terms of how it could be applied to everything we do in life including how we are as human beings. “Deliberate” action, not just action is the key to moving forward. Focusing on our weaknesses and working on them until they are strengths. It’s not always a pleasant experience, likely it’s mostly unpleasant, but it will keep us from settling at our plateaus. And that is essential to fulfillment, no?

And it’s almost May, the lilacs in my yard are blooming and my windows are open letting in fresh air and natures symphony (with a few car sounds, but I can live with that). So, as I follow my quest for happiness and fulfillment its moments like these that make me realize that its not fame or money or even fabulous shoes that bring happiness. Its great friends and showing love.

Its learning to whistle!

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