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M is for the many things….

Today would be my mother’s 75th birthday. She died 5 years ago from complications associated with multiple myeloma, a devastating cancer (is there any other kind?). But how she died doesn’t interest me today, its how she lived that does. … Continue reading

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Pandorable: We could all use a little luck!

I’m not so much a rainbows and puppies kind of girl. And I have a real bias against the use of butterflies in design. I hate it. But underneath it all, I’m just like every girl – I take clichéd … Continue reading

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SAM SAYS: Fruits of Labor

I’ve got a couple partners in most of the crimes I commit these days. Sam and Taryn. They are wonderful colleagues and friends and they listen, oh how they listen, to my tales of woe or joy. Sometimes they practice some … Continue reading

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Finding a Pencil

Oh – what a week. Besides Poem in Your Pocket day (which is better than Christmas), its been a bit of an overwhelming one. But the clouds are clearing and things are looking up. I’m always on a quest to … Continue reading

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I gotta pocket, got a pocket full of poetry

I love poetry. Not in an emo, all-black wearing college-girl way (although I did go through that phase). But there’s something about the art form that speaks to me (ok, I can be a little emo now and then). I … Continue reading

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Occupying Pennies

Ah, corporate greed. Its all around us. It always has been of course. Napoleon, Henry the VIII, Czar Nicholas, Caesar – all early 1 percert-ers. Still, none of them fared as well as today’s 1%.  Our system is broken, really broken, … Continue reading

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Doing my bit to save the world

Its Earth Day today, I think that’s a perfect time to start my blog. I love Earth Day – I have since the very first one in 1970. My sister and I were toddlers and though my mom was hardly … Continue reading

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